About institute of arts and science


The Institute of Arts and Sciences was founded in 2019, is the newest and relatively the youngest institute of Bulacan Agricultural State College. Following the division of the Institute of Education, Arts, and Sciences into two independent institutes – the Institute of Education and the Institute of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Lauro S. Nuñez was appointed as the institute’s first dean.

The separation of the Institute of Arts and Sciences from the Institute of Education is intended to facilitate the development of additional program options for BASC students. The institute is currently planning to launch the institute’s groundbreaking Bachelor of Science in Developmental Communication degree, which is expected to be available in the First Semester of Academic Year 2022-2023.

A total of fifty (50) faculty members and staff members comprise the institute. Students from all of the college’s programs, including the College of Agriculture, the Institute of Education, the Institute of Management, the Institute of Engineering and Applied Technology, the BASC-DRT Campus, and the Fortunato F. Halili Campus, are being served by the Arts and Sciences’ faculty members.

As a delivery institute, the institute provides students with general education subjects. It is the purpose of the institute to interact with different departments within the college in order to provide students with an excellent educational experience. The institute also aspires to provide BASC graduates with a well-rounded education as well as the vital skills required by the professional job environment.

institute goals


  • Identify and explore building investment opportunities that will allow the Institute of Arts and Sciences to meet the rising needs of faculty, staff, and students.
  • Create world-class research, scholarship, and creative activities and develop globally-recognized learning centers.

Faculty Excellence

  • Recruit and support qualified instructors to provide great student education.
  • Assemble and develop a diverse faculty devoted to excellence in teaching, research, scholarship, artistic endeavors, and community involvement.

Equality and Diversity

  • Make our learning community a place where faculty, students, and staff members can share their diverse viewpoints and experiences.
  • Encourage diversity in all fields, research, and service.

Community Engagement

  • Contribute to economic growth through teaching, research, scholarship, creative engagement, and community outreach.

Student Learning Experience

  • Prepare undergraduate students for citizenship, future achievement, and fulfilment in a competitive world.
  • Encourage students to join interesting learning communities both locally and globally where they can improve intellectually and personally.
  • Use innovative pedagogy and technology improve student learning outcomes.
  • Take advantage of non-classroom learning opportunities to broaden and improve undergraduate chances.
  • Encourage recruitment of talented graduate students from varied backgrounds to be better prepared for citizenship, future success, and fulfilment in a competitive environment